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The Belgian design studio Vrints-Kolsteren collaborated with the jewelry brand Fleerackers to create ATOM, a collection of 16 different earrings.

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HM Move is a monolinear typeface, full of movement, designed by Colophon Foundry and Gentle Forces for a new clothing line dedicated to exercise.

Foundry: Colophon Foundry Design: Gentle Forces

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Rebranding led by a custom-designed logo for consulting agency EIXO, developed by Sao Paolo-based Studio Tempo.

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A straight forward logo designed with semi-circle lines by Manual, for Louisa Parris womenswear label.

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Bodigarmascarenas’ WIP preview of Ager font, inspired in cnc machine and heavy machinery.

Type designer: Bodigar Mascareñas

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